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Cleansing Tonic 3

 Green-it-Away   -distilled H20, chlorophyll, aloe/coconut water & spirulina agave nectar

Designed to be taken last thing at night, so that it can work inside you the longest, as a powerful overnight cleanser. Think of it as “soaking over night”.   Chlorophyll detoxifies the liver, stimulates the production of healthy blood, and increases the immunity system

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Cleansing Tonic 2

Aloe Vera & mint – Distilled H20, fresh mint, Aloe Vera

Designed to cool you down in the most aggravating part of your day.  A soothing, leafy herb, mint soothes the stomach and promotes digestion by activating saliva and digestive glands. It also boasts germicidal properties!

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Cleansing Tonic 1

 Spicy lemonade- distilled H20, cayenne pepper, blue agave nectar

Designed to get the system moving first thing in the morning. A natural acidifier, lemons stimulate the digestive system and helps to flush bacteria and toxins from the body. Plus, a single lemon has your full day’s dose of vitamin C.