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Renee’s-Organic-Oven and Dish-for-Dosha Pair up!


Congratulations to  Renee’s Organic Oven for now opening on the weekdays for breakfast!!


Refreshing, Genuine, Decadent. Definitely, A Breakfast Must.

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Renee celebrated  along with us the release of the new Dish for Dosha Raw Juice Blends to her public! she is now offering 3 oz daily shooters of our Virgin Sangria, Live Bright Orange juice, and Sunshine Burst with Turmeric & Ginger 😀

She  fed us decadent biscuits and gravy dish that was unforgettable, and she paired it with a Dish for Dosha fresh squeezed local orange juice, and perked us up with a spicy, fresh & clever Bloody Mary shooter.

We had delicious cheeses, amazing sweets and a great old time with Tucson’s own Miss Remarkable Renee ; )

Renee’s Organic Oven is the flagship restaurant in the city that ventures out with us to see if indeed, people will choose to eat healthy and local, when it is made easily available to them.


Just in case we haven’t met yet… Im Chef Cecilia Arosemena, AKA “The Juice Lady” around town : ) We are delighted to be at your service, thru our local vendors, such as Renee’s Organic Oven, the YWCA, The Green Halo and as private chefs.

Allow me to fill you in on the bigger picture of our joint community effort

In a nutshell , Dish for Dosha is a local Ayurvedic juicing company working out of the YWCA Cafe, that offers fresh squeezed, raw fruit and vegetable juices to the Tucson community daily.

Dish for Dosha has joined the YWCA’s efforts to  teach YWCA & Dish for Dosha’s volunteers and employees, a cooking skill to apply in the workplace in order to become employable, and not only to Sustain their lives, but to Thrive in their lives.

Your indulgent support at Renee’s Organic Oven, the YWCA and Dish for Dosha, provides the training ground for our collaborative mission to lead our resilient Tucson sisters  to self empowerment thru our new  Mindful Skill Training program.

Thank you for your support 🙂

Chef Cecilia

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