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Q: “So… I finished my juice cleanse today – Now what?”


Avoid meat and booze for at least 2 days before and after  your raw juice cleanse.

Usually by the end of a juice cleanse , the  body feels lighter, rested, calm, healthy, and grateful. The sugar and fat cravings have usually diminished greatly, so we recommend that you just ride that wave as long as possible.

Once you re-incorporate red meats, dairy products, sugars, and booze to the body, like a puppy in training,  the body will restart craving those foods again.

 The longer you can put those types of food off, the better and easier the maintenance process will be for you.

On your first day off  your raw juice cleansing program, start incorporating cooked foods slowly, like a hearty vegetable soup, or Quinoa, or Oatmeal.

avoid animal fats like butter if you can, for as long as you can. the one to avoid like a plague is cow milk, then cheese, then butter. so if you cannot deal with this relative physical world without butter, simply clarify your butter, and turn it into ghee