Seminar or Retreat event catering

Dish for Dosha offers full day & multi- day  catering services.

Full day services may be useful for training seminars. We can offer Breakfast ,lunch and/or  dinner services for your guests.

We also enjoy serving at various types of retreats, in Tucson and its surrounding areas.

We are most often willing to travel with the group, and stay with them full time in order to serve all 3 meals of the day, for how ever many days required. our services are commonly requested in spiritual retreats, because of the conscious energetics that we prepare our dishes with.  We believe that food is infused by the chef’s radiating energy, therefore the chef must know how to treat, love, and respect each ingredient.

“Cecilia's colorful passion for food comes through powerfully in the delicious taste and artful presentation with every meal; With Dish for Dosha, there is no such thing as an ordinary meal”
-Tomas Bostrom

  Instructor of the Four Winds Society, 
and Inka Medicine Wheel trainings