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Price List for September 2009


Raw Ayurvedic Fruit & vegetable juices
Single raw ayurvedic juice 8 oz — Just $ 5 bucks each!
Single raw ayurvedic juice 32 oz – $20
Single raw ayurvedic juice 64 oz –$35

Raw juice cleanse prices vary. call for your free consultation at 520-309-9055 and talk to  your personal ayurvedic chef to find out a quoted price.  In a nutshell, every juice is just $5.00. its up to yo and your ayurvedic chef to determine how many juices you should drink a day to reach your goals, and for how many days to repeat the juice fast.

Juice cleanses range anywhere from a minimum of 5 juices a day for $ 20 per day to 10 juices per day for $ 50 per day.

Soups Salads & Snacks:

Salad trays $35.00

3 lbs of a variety of healthy mixed greens paired with toppings that agree with your dosha, and a citrus flax oil vinagrette.

Hearty Vegetable Soups

32 oz (4 cups) $20.00
 64 oz (8 cups) $35.00


Fruit medley – 16 oz cup- $5
Fruit tray with pico de gallo fruit salad- $35

Chocolate banana vegan creamy pudding – 5 oz cup- $5

pint – $10

Delivery rates:

$10 flat fee unless outside of Tucson main area.

Pick up wil be available soon at the YWCA of tucson located at 525 N. bonita tucson az 85745

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