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Red bell pepper, mango, orange, Cayenne pepper

Pomegranate is a rare gem because of it’s sour, cooling and astringent qualities come together in one package. It has anti-inflammatory properties, it can help heartburn as an antacid, and as an overall blood cleansing tonic An excellent tonic for Pitta conditions in the GI tract.  Bell peppers provide more than just color and crunch to dishes. These vibrant vegetables are a source of valuable nutrients, fiber and antioxidants. A specific type of antioxidant, known as lycopene, gives red bell peppers their color. It is a carotenoid that helps fight free radicals you acquire from natural exposure to environmental toxins. Lycopene might also help prevent certain types of cancer, especially prostate cancer in men. Yellow and orange peppers are also rich in carotenoids, which might protect your heart from cardiovascular disease. The metabolic effect of  mango is heating, so its greatly appreciated by the 3 doshas for the fall/winter months