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We work with other natural health practitioners in Tucson, AZ

DishForDosha LogoWe would like to offer you and your patients a local, Ayurvedic raw juicing service located here in Tucson, at the YWCA of Southern Arizona.

We are on a mission to help heal our community naturally, using locally farmed fruits & vegetables for our raw juices, infused with ayurvedic spices and and inspired ancient teachings for experiencing physical and mental well being.

We believe we may be able to help your patient recover in a uniquely tasty and refreshing way, with our Raw Ayurvedic fruit and vegetable juice blends, locally sourced and made daily at the YWCA. Our juices often feature ingredients such as carrots, oranges, green apples, prickly pear fruit and pads, pomegranate, rich green lettuces, red & yellow beets, sweet potatoes, bell peppers, cayenne pepper, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, spirulina, chlorella, amalaki and other ayurvedic herbs. Continue reading “We work with other natural health practitioners in Tucson, AZ”

Juice-Cleanse-Lady goes on break this week!


Dish for Dosha will be unavailable as of Wednesday Jan 21 thru  Wednesday Jan 28 2015 .

The last day we will take orders for this week’s deliveries  is

Tuesday Jan 20 2015 at 4pm

We will be taking orders during the week,however we will not be back in production until Jan. 28 2015

Thank you for your support,

The Dish for Dosha team