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FAQ: TIPS regarding a Juice-Cleanse Program


this solely depends on your goals (weight loss, recovering from medical condition, energy , immune system booster, general mild cleansing, heavy deep cleansing etc) and your specific body type, Dosha.

Vata body type shouldn’t do more than a week, usually. all the raw food after a while can aggravate Vata dosha.

Pitta body type can handle about  3-5 days , no problem. any longer, even though the body can take it and loves it, the mind might begin to get a little restless and impatient; so we usually don’t recommend that a fiery Pitta go with out food too long.


the point of a fast, is to eliminate what is in the intestinal tract, and let it have a break from having to constantly digest something.

a juice cleanse, also eliminates the bulk fiber from the intestinal tract, but it takes advantage of the free space in the intestines. you see, the intestines are like sponges, drawing out all the nutrients in food that the body can use. but more often than not, we find ourselves clogged up to the max. when that happens, there is hardly any room around the “sponge” walls to absorb nutrients. therefor, we eliminate most fiber to clear the walls of the tract, so that you can begin to reabsorb vital nutrients and minerals. think of it like clearing out a room, so that you can prime and put fresh paint on the walls. first clear out, then paint. once you put the furniture back in, the whole room will be vibrant with new life, and your furniture just wont be the same. it too, will perform better for you.

now, the idea behind no food is not to make you miserable. If you really are about to impose harm on a fellow citizen because you need to chew something, by all means.. please chew something! we recommend staying with raw foods though, since your body will already be on that channel.

we strongly recommend that you avoid liquor and beer at all costs during your cleanse. these “toxins” are super harmful when the body is trying to cleanse. it kind of considers a betrayal. you see, it takes a couple days for your body to start realizing what its doing, how its cleansing. by the third day, it knows exactly what its working on, so it begins to really cooperate. essentially, it begins to trust that there will be more “building blocks” heading its way, and it begins to release long stored toxins trapped in the muscular structure and tissues. If you drink in the middle its process, it will be very upset and resentful you “betrayed  its trust”.

Do yourself a favor,  

don’t drink and cleanse

at the same time