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Dosha’s Dream: Development Alliance

Welcome to the Dream 🙂  Its still very much a work in progress…

But here is what we know so far.

Each individual has a personal dream;
A dream which should be
defined, strategized, and achieved.

-Chef Cecilia Arosemena

Dream Development Alliance:

Dish for Dosha has joined the YWCA’s efforts to  teach YWCA & Dish for Dosha’s volunteers and employees, a cooking skill to apply in the workplace in order to become employable, and not only to sustain their lives, but to thrive in their lives.

As of March 15 2015,we are offering a personal coach to be available at no cost,  to those who are employed or volunteer at the a YWCA of Tucson, or Dish for Dosha.

A pilot test program of 3 months is currently being constructed at the YWCA grounds, under management of Program Directors Cecilia Arosemena and Liane Hernandez. Contact us at 520-309-9055 for more information


Our Mission:

Dish for Dosha’s mission is to teach and empower the youth of the local community to take the reigns of their own physical health, by applying knowledge we hope to teach them, about the benefits of eating and making healthy balanced meals.

We intend to make a difference in our community by teaching children and parents alike, to prepare meals confidently around their home kitchen, by teaching them how to read a recipe properly, basic food safety training, and infinite access to the Chef’s practical cooking tips to use in their daily lives.

Through natural foods and nutrition education, low income Tucson families can learn the skills necessary to prepare healthy meals and juices for themselves, while they learn how to work in a professional kitchen, and become confident cooks that are employable, and self empowered.

Our Vision:

A healthy circle of people, united, supported, cared for, loved and nurtured well by the local healing nectars of nature.

Just outside our own doors at Dish for Dosha, we see a bright future, full of collaborations between communities, and full of dreamers and do-ers, who believe wholesome foods can be used to create a healthy mind & body. Our network believes in the power of sharing tips, truths and knowledge freely, in order to provide our neighbors with affordable access to self empowerment, and healthy eating techniques.


Our Philosophy:

We believe that a better life, is only a series of steps away, beginning with just one healthy thought, after another. We understand that a little help clarifying our thoughts, may be in order; so we provide our staff & volunteers a meeting twice a month with their own personal dream coach, to aid them find self empowerment in their personal lives using their individual dreams and aspirations as a tool for overcoming life’s challenges.