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Chef’s Recommended – Cleansing Steps

Congratulations Raw Juice Cleanser!

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You are about to experience a whole new way of detoxifying ; Please enjoy yourself.

Its rare when we decide to do something “luxurious” for ourselves.We often put ourselves last in the list of million priorities … and our bodies? Well, they really get the short end of the stick, don’t they? Often depleted and neglected, our bodies still perform every day for us, in spite of its toxic environment and depleted ecosystem. its no wonder why we are tired and hungry all the time.

If you are reading this post, its because you have recently decided to do something about it, even if it is just for one week. You’d be amazed how many things your body can accomplish in just 3 short days of good food, full assimilation of live nutrients, and proper digestive elimination.

So hang on to your socks, because if you  follow your personal Ayurvedic chef’s recommendations and you allow the process enough time to work, it will deliver beneficial results.

We have made a few suggestions below, hoping to appease some of the frequently asked questions and topics of conversation regarding the detox process.

Before you sign up for anything, make up your mind about it.

Be really clear as to WHY you would like to do a detoxifying treatment. You see, the first 3 days of ANY new habit, specially to one regarding food, are really hard. there will be times you will want to quit, cheat, or negotiate your way into another brownie. These are the moment you must remember WHY you are choosing to avoid the brownies at all costs, and keep the your goal firm in your mind.

Lets take this week, just this one, and consider it as YOUR allowed purifying time lapse.

We invite you to Relax in to it                 

Lets keep in mind that this juice cleanse is something uniquely formulated for your body type, and your emotional balance.  Trust in the natural process of cleansing and replenishing, and know that your health is being carefully tended to, using the tools of a 5000 year old eastern healing tradition, Ayurveda.

Spoil yourself

Take this week as an opportunity to try out a new yoga class, or begin a walking routine, or buy a new yoga mat. Use the vibrant energy that the raw fruit and vegetables will provide you with, and take flight with inspiration of knowing that you are not doing this thing alone; take advantage of the fact that included in your cleanse price, you have a personal chef that can coach you through the tough moments of the day everyday via text message.Give yourself permission to buy “organic” and to drink tea in the afternoon, and get a full 8 hours of sleep. Hopefully,after a week of “spoiling yourself” you may finds that you actually Enjoy your new stress balancing routine.

The Before and Afters

2 days before your cleanse, switch to a vegetarian diet.

1 day before your cleanse, switch to a vegan diet.

The day of your cleanse, take your first juice within the first 20 minutes that you wake up.

Replace your coffee, with lemon and honey, or green tea,  ginger tea, chamomille tea, Jasmine tea, saffron tea. remember, caffeine is a stimulant, we are trying to cleanse you of anything artificial. We recommend teas, including ones that have a little caffeine as opposed to a tall cappuccino.

Once you have drank your first juice, start watching the clock.

Drink a juice every one to two hours through out your day.

Feel free to have water and more teas if you get thirsty.

If you get hungry, eat crunchy fruits and veggies to satisfy the craving. try and not eat too much, for we are trying to cleanse the intestinal tract, and remove most of the bulk out of your diet for a few days. it is important to remember that this process should feel good to you, so we’d rather see you eat an apple and 2 celery sticks in order to prevent the murder of your co worker. so eat if you must. and if you must, make sure its only fruit or vegetables, raw or cooked.  At no point during your cleanse should you ingest meat, chicken, pork, cheese, cow milk, or alcohol. Avoid coffee, creamers, or “diet” anythings. Sometimes you can cheat with corn chips, peanut butter, and honey.

Listen to your body

Once on your cleanse, you will notice that on the first 3 days , you may not feel so good.

Common symptoms of detoxing are mild headache and low energy on the 2nd to 3rd day. By the second day, your body has realized that it now has enough “building materials” to do a deep cleaning, so it begins releasing deeply stored toxins from the tissues. the other thing that is happening, is that your blood sugar levels are dropping dramatically, hence the low energy.  remember that you are going to be putting your body through a reboot program that will requiere a lot of energy from it. If it begs you to rest and sleep, please do so! your body is wise, and if you make a conscious effort to listen to it, it will guide you perfectly through your cleansing process.

Light Exercise is recommended, 20 to 40 minutes a day

We encourage you to try out a yoga class for the week of your cleanse.

Stretching and controlled sweating will benefit your detoxifying process.

Beware to not over do it, for your body needs all the energy it has to run your normal daily functions, plus your cleansing process. sometimes heavy exercise could deplete you  of energy and dehydrate you, since you are loosing more water than you are drinking.

The day after your cleanse

start incorporating solids again slowly.  have a big salad for lunch, and a veggie soup for dinner.

the second day after your cleanse eat a vegetarian diet

The third day after your cleanse, REMEMBER everything you’ve learned during your cleanse, and keep yourself on the right track, for we all know that what you just did, wasn’t always easy, but it is always worth it. so keep up the good new habits, and healthy eating 🙂

Thank you for considering our recommendations, we wish you happy cleansing 🙂

Your personal Ayurvedic Chef, Cecilia Arosemena