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I am not an Oncologist, nor a Psychologist.

I am not a Naturopath, nor a Dietitian

I am not a Guru, nor an extremist.

I am mother, a daughter, a lover, a chef and

a patient of the most prestigious surgeons in the area.

This message is for my wounded brothers and sisters,

fellow Healing Warriors,

seekers of  health, balance & recovery.

For you and me, we created a company

inspired by a crying heart, a desperate Immune system

and a giggly small child.

Dish for Dosha’s raw Ayurvedic juices

were conceived in a moment of a sudden physical medical crisis.

The startling shock of a sudden fatal diagnosis

pounded  through our deepest core,

and rang the awakening bell of the Healing Warrior

that lives in each  of us.


I am Dish for Dosha’s

Ayurvedic Chef Cecilia Arosemena,

a single mother of a little boy ; and

the desperate creator of a heartfelt company,

who maybe like you,

seeks for a way to defy the modern

“Dooms-Day Diagnosis”

and hopes to find full  recovery.

My personal teacher  is

a big stubborn inoperable liver tumor

that taught me that

with  tasty nutrition and an undefeatable attitude,

I can stand up, take claim, and thrive.


Our story is no different than yours.

it is a story about  trials and tribulations;

one of ups and downs, and unexpected surprises;

its a life full of impregnating experiences,

some that leave scars, and some that leave us changed for the

better, forever.


Its a story of deciding to move forward,

and enduring the tasks for the prize of recovery,

even when your body aches with weakness, and the people around you look at

you like you’re a dying star.

I am grateful for the fuel stored in  Ayurveda,

(an ancient Indian medical system still practiced to this day in other countries)

seeped  into my life, and reminded me that

I am part of  Mother Nature.

How she Breathes, Survives and Recovers;

I too will Breathe, Survive, and Recover.


In the face of opposition,

I make nutritious fresh juices every day.

The colorful symphony of raw Ayurvedic juices

that we make to share,

were born when I made the decision to

bump off my bump

without chemical cocktails

but with the  inspiration of

the ancient Indian science of Ayurveda

and the guidance of the Gerson Therapy.

And so, I meditated over my ingredients,

and absorbed the reliable wisdom of a

carrot, a green apple, an orange, fresh ginger and turmeric roots,

and pumped it into my bump

again and again.


And guess what we discovered?

Self empowerment is the key that unlocks the path to recovery.




And then you feel it, the warmth of Agni,

Empowerment Blossoms fill the air that breathes you.

the internal  fighting  flame, lights you up inside.

Its the Agni in Ignition,

the spark of the motor that races you

through the subtle pain of feeling helpless,

and carries you thru the finish line

with bright lights in your eyes,

leaving Hopeless behind.


A revelation glitters in the sky,

and then you just realize that if you

do your best to help your body and your mind strengthen up,

your body will respond with gratitude and results.


We want to share with you our way to strengthening the mind and body through tasty nutrition.

Trust in Mother Nature and her nurturing nectars , she would like nothing more than to nurse you back to your Self.

Thank you for allowing us at Dish for Dosha to introduce you to the taste of self empowerment, and hopeful recovery.

with love, hope and respect, Your personal Ayurvedic Chef, wishes you to





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