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welcome to the grand opening of our new exclusive and free club!


Because of your gesture of commitment to yourself,
and for your support to small local businesses in Tucson,
you get big discounts.

Its Free to join!

Just tell your personal Ayurvedic chef that you would like to get better pricing, by committing to drinking juice and/ or eating soups and salads from Dish for Dosha for a month.

Order one of our products a week,  for one month.

One of our members favorite items is the option to buy juice in larger format.  Member price $15 (valued at $20)

This product is helpful for mantainance after you do a cleanse

by having a large juice in your fridge, you can drink a glass every morning and continue to mantain your recently detoxed body, from your Dosha Ayurvedic juice cleanse.


quart juices 


Take a look at our menu below, to mix and match your once a week purchase. since you join for 4 weeks at a time, you can always shake it up week to week. you are not obligated to choose the same things week to week. you are encouraged to be adventurous, and try new things.

The specific items you choose, will be blended and formulated specially for you, depending on your goals and your Dosha ( mind/body type according to Ayurveda) this is why there are no specific lists of ingredients. you and your personal chef will discuss what blends are recommended for your intentions.


2016 promotional prices for non-members, are year long prices for Members









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Custom Elixir



Dish for Dosha’s ayurvedic juices are made specifically for the individual

There isn’t a lot of love given to juice in the culinary world. While it’s an unmistakable trend to go on a week-long juice cleanse and pretend you don’t miss solid food, there is something special about the way Dish for Dosha is serving up juice.

via Dish for Dosha: Custom Elixir.

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WELCOME DOSHA POPS! Healthy Ice Pops now made with raw Ayurvedic fruit & vegetable juices!

DOSHA POPS in assorted flavors

Hosting a party  that includes kids? 
give them these healthy treats to cheer them up, and cool them down !
Help your kids get the nutrition they need in this fun and easy way to get them to eat their veggies
Perfect for kid snacks in the middle of the day , birthday parties, school pot locks and snack time treats  

Tucsonans, Order your Dosha Pops

today , and get them delivered tomorrow !

Each Dosha Pop is only  $1.50 !

Minimum order of 20 Dosha Pops 
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fresh raw ayurvedic juices delivered daily

Dish for Dosha’s personal chef service is designed to deliver fresh juices to the Tucson working community every weekday, directly to their office. The juices are made in the early morning, delivered mid morning, and expected to be consumed on the same day it was made, in order to insure highest nutrient density. We use mostly organic, fresh produce that we purchase from local farmers markets around the city.