Chef Cecilia’s personal struggle with big tumor


So I woke up this morning feeling that I need to share my personal struggle with my little liver tumor friend to anyone that will like to listen; simply for the benefit of others that may be faced with yucky medical diagnosis, just like me. Then I figured it could also help me process these fears and feelings, by sharing them openly, and being forced to “journal ” about my healing process.

But then, Doubt set in.


Would I be doing this tacking confessional for my own personal gain, or to stroke my Ego?

or is this bigger than me, guided by Divine Inspiration?

Are there other people out there just like me, trying to find a way to fight back an unfortunate diagnosis naturally?

Aren’t we all just looking for a little guidance, a little inspiration…

a little understanding ?


Well folks, I don’t know much; just my own experience, really. But maybe if i trust our readers, and our friends, we can share openly.

I believe that my feelings and fears are similar

to the fears of other patients.

I am not alone, nor

the only one that has ever wondered

about the meaning of life, and the fear of a wasted life.

So allow us to open up a chat forum here.

Lets make it a place where we can go at the click of a mouse,

and begin sharing the good, the bad, the inspirational, the struggle, the confusion and the victories of our healing journeys.

lets find strength in each other, shall we?

we look forward to your comments below to begin a soulful conversation

Gracias Amigos 🙂


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