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Dish for Dosha & Women’s Business Center on KOLD 13 and Fox 11

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KOLD dosha story jan 2016

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) –

Have a great business idea? A local organization wants to help make that dream come true, but the deadline to get the potentially free help is Friday.

The Young Women’s Christian Association and the Women’s Business Center are offering help to the public.

Friday, Jan. 22 is the last day to sign up for an eight-week course that will teach prospective business owners everything they need to know about starting up a business.

WBC and YWCA helped Cecilia Arosemena’s business get off the ground. A few years ago, Arosemena had to have surgery for a serious health issue. During her recovery process, Arosemena searched for other ways to heal herself, naturally. That is when she started juicing. Her business grew quickly and she went to WBC in search of help.

The organization helped her develop and grow her juicing business, Dish for Dosh. Dish for Dosh is now sold in three cafes. Arosemena has over 200 clients and is beginning the process of selling her juice in 70 stores across Arizona. She contributes her success to WBC and YWCA.

Registration closes at 5 p.m. Friday.

There are still scholarship opportunities as well.

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Custom Elixir



Dish for Dosha’s ayurvedic juices are made specifically for the individual

There isn’t a lot of love given to juice in the culinary world. While it’s an unmistakable trend to go on a week-long juice cleanse and pretend you don’t miss solid food, there is something special about the way Dish for Dosha is serving up juice.

via Dish for Dosha: Custom Elixir.

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We work with other natural health practitioners in Tucson, AZ

DishForDosha LogoWe would like to offer you and your patients a local, Ayurvedic raw juicing service located here in Tucson, at the YWCA of Southern Arizona.

We are on a mission to help heal our community naturally, using locally farmed fruits & vegetables for our raw juices, infused with ayurvedic spices and and inspired ancient teachings for experiencing physical and mental well being.

We believe we may be able to help your patient recover in a uniquely tasty and refreshing way, with our Raw Ayurvedic fruit and vegetable juice blends, locally sourced and made daily at the YWCA. Our juices often feature ingredients such as carrots, oranges, green apples, prickly pear fruit and pads, pomegranate, rich green lettuces, red & yellow beets, sweet potatoes, bell peppers, cayenne pepper, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, spirulina, chlorella, amalaki and other ayurvedic herbs. Continue reading We work with other natural health practitioners in Tucson, AZ

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Bienvenidas a Dish for Dosha Mujeres Hispanas!

Gracias a nuestra amiga Myriam Garcia ,  estaremos en su casa este 24 de Septiembre a las 6 pm , aprendiendo sobre la los principios de Ayurveda, y probando los sabores frescos  de nuestros jugos naturales, y una ensaladita rica que explicara el “por que” usar cada ingrediente que forma la ensalada fresca.

vengan a aprender acerca de su tipo de cuerpo, Dosha, y como integrar esta filosofia en su vida diaria

Nos vemos pronto!

Por favor mandenle un recadito a  Myriam , para que nos haga campito en su lindo patio ; )

su chef ayurvedica personal,

Cecilia Arosemena


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WELCOME DOSHA POPS! Healthy Ice Pops now made with raw Ayurvedic fruit & vegetable juices!

DOSHA POPS in assorted flavors

Hosting a party  that includes kids? 
give them these healthy treats to cheer them up, and cool them down !
Help your kids get the nutrition they need in this fun and easy way to get them to eat their veggies
Perfect for kid snacks in the middle of the day , birthday parties, school pot locks and snack time treats  

Tucsonans, Order your Dosha Pops

today , and get them delivered tomorrow !

Each Dosha Pop is only  $1.50 !

Minimum order of 20 Dosha Pops