Call for Consultations

When you sign on for a Dish for Dosha program, you will receive:

A free initial phone consultation where we match your goals and intentions to one of our programs that suits you best, and then customize it to match your body type, or Dosha. We determine length of program, amount of juices needed to reach our goal, and travel logistics.

A second detailed consultation where we determine your Dosha, your personal goals and talk about whats been on your mind lately. At Dish for Dosha, we don’t just worry about your physical body, we also want to make sure that we take a moment to acknowledge what your mind is doing, for we believe that all manifested disease in the body, has stemmed at one point or another, from the thoughts you live, and act out everyday. Basically, we look at the whole tree trunk and its roots, not just the symptomatic dry leaves the tree produces.

Call / Text us @ 520-309-9055