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On average, about how many hours of sleep do you get a night?

What time do you go to sleep, and what time do you usually wake up? Do you use an Alarm, or awake naturally?

How are your energy levels throughout the day? At what time do you crave "a Snickers"?
How are you feeling physically right now? What “hurts”?
Which emotions have you felt most frequently - during the last 7 days?
On average, about how many hours a day do you spend away from home?
What kind of work do you do, and what is it like?

What are you stress levels like? on a scale of one-to-ten?

Why have you chosen to try a natural raw juice diet now?
What do you hope to achieve with an ayurvedic juice cleanse?
How many days do you think you can successfully complete of a juice fasting program? You can choose from a 3 day juice cleanse, a 5 day cleanse, and a 7 day cleanse to start. We can always extend a program, once we are working closely together
What is your Dosha type?

If you haven’t taken the short online dosha quiz yet, simply go to and take it now please. The results that you get at the end are essential information for a proper cleanse. This will determine which juice blend is recommended for your specific body type, or DOSHA, yielding you better results.

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