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A free initial phone consultation where we match your goals and intentions to one of our programs that suits you best. A second detailed consultation where we determine your Dosha, your personal goals and talk about whats been on your mind lately.  [READ MORE]

Programs, Packages, and Prices

Our Cleansing and Rejuvenating programs can be anywhere from 3 days, to 30 days. We will come to a decision together, but it usually mostly depends on what your goals are, what your intentions are, what your daily lifestyle is like, and what you are willing to commit to.  [READ MORE]

Dosha Questions and Quizzes

In Ayurveda, health is defined as the dynamic state of balance between mind, body, and environment. It is possible for each of us to achieve and maintain a vibrant and joyful state of health by identifying our mind-body type and then creating a lifestyle that sustains and nurtures our unique nature. Take the Dosha Quiz and determine: What’s my dosha? If more than one quality is applicable in each characteristic, choose the one that applies the most.  [READ MORE]

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Once we learn about you with this brief questionnaire, then we can match you up to your perfect blend. Please share your answers freely, and honestly. The more you think about the questions, the better insight we will have for you.  [READ MORE]

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