"Their service is geared to each individuals needs and requirements for nutrition and food intake. A professional Ayurvedic Chef prepares organic healthy meals for your 'Dosha' - raw juices as well as cooked soups and customs foods to meet your healing needs. The owner and Chef lives by example of the power in healing with food and is a loving sharing soul. I just completed 7 easy days of complete and total nutritional healing and restoration to my system. I feel amazing and my skin and eyes are clear. Call Dish for Dosha if you have any doubt or question as Cecilia is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to about your health needs. ¡BRAVA!"
-James T

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"Meeting Cecilia Arosemena is the best thing that ever happened to me! I recently had a surgery, it was my very first. I knew that it will be very hard to eat because of all the medications I had to take. But i also knew that in order for my body to heal quickly, I had to make sure I'm feeding my body with whole foods, lots of fruits and vegetables. That is where Cecilia came in, upon talking to her for the first time over the phone, we instantly connected! She knew exactly what I needed. She immediately customized 3 days of healing program for me which includes 6 juices,essential oil, and a hearty soup, delivered to my home fresh everyday! It was definitely a dream come true! My body was able to heal so fast even my doctor was impress. I highly recommend for everyone to try her program, whatever your goals maybe! Thank you Cecilia for taking care of me!"
- Gyda Loveres
"My husband and I did a 5 day juice cleanse with Dish for Dosha about 2 weeks ago. We are still reaping the benefits of this amazing cleanse! Unlike other cleanses where we felt tired, hungry & irritable, this cleanse left us feeling satisfied, energized & emotionally stable at the end of every day. Not only do you get your certain number of juices that are made specifically for you and your Dosha delivered to your doorstep, you also get personal mentoring from the owner, Cecilia Arosemena. Cecilia is one of the sweetest people around and she genuinely cares about the juices she makes and about YOU. I can honestly say that at the end of this cleanse I have never felt better in my life. My husband and I plan to incorporate these cleanses into our lives for years to come. Oh, and the juices are absolutely amazing tasting!! Thanks Cecilia!:)"

--Carly Quinn

"Fantastic. Refreshing nourishment from the Sonoran Hestia herself!"
- Myriam Durazo
"Chef, you could heal the world with your food! keep making beautiful, beautiful MAGIC."  
- Stefanie Lopez
"I recently did a three day "Smooth Transitions" juice package from Dish for Dosha with excellent results. The juices all tasted amazing and the program was easy to follow. During the cleanse I had high energy and never felt hungry. I felt like I could get through my day without thinking about food all the time. Afterwards, I felt much more in control of my cravings and I had less desire to eat large portions. Cecilia even catered to all my strange allergies, making me custom juice blends. The best part was she delivered it right to my office. I would highly recommend a cleanse with Dish for Dosha for anyone who is feeling physically or mentally bogged down. It will leave you feeling lighter, more energized and ready to face the world. I can't wait to do it again!"
- Kelsey Kels
"A perfect way to start my Monday post-holiday! Thank you Cecilia Arosemena/Dish for Dosha for my juice delivery today! What a treat!  - Rebecca Safford
"Chef Cecilia,   your food is Love in action. SEVA personafied. I ant to embroider your smile on all the food I provide to my Dearlings (Darling & dear ones) in the future... yes, I WILL! Thank you for your grace and love"
- Laurel Tellie
"An artist of the culinary world! Thank you, for your wonderful healthy, nutritious yummy meals!"
- Lizzy
"Cecilia, Thank you for your gifts of love, and renewal. Each morsel was filled with balance and life giving nutrition. The tastes that you gave us are created to enhance but the flavors you created fed my  thirsty soul"
- Karen Jones
"Miss Dosha, You are a culinary Goddess who nourishes us all body and soul! Thank you for coming to our retreat, and keeping us well fed through our incredible process."
- Leila Thompson
"Food that tasted like LOVE when I was alone in a strange town. Chef Cecilia's food was never boring or bland. The stuffed mushrooms were so delicious that they made my tongue sing. Next time I come to Tucson, I will be sure to call on Dish for Dosha again, because her food makes me feel better when I'm here."
- Paula Mayer
"We all had a great experience at the retreat. Thank you, for being so mindful and beautiful. I appreciated your food, love and essence, chef."
- Karen V.
"Chef Cecilia is the best personal chef in the whole world! she did a wonderful job with our group."
- Ranjana Paul
"Your are an amazing magical warrior!! I will be planning an event solely for the purpose of sharing your spiritual marvelous nurturing nourishment!"
- Cassandra Wensel 
- Kane

Thank you so much Cecilia! Your nutritious and delicious concoctions were way better than what the Dr. ordered for my Nia. Thank you so much for mixing up all that magic in such short notice and delivering early this morning!  Nia seems to be feeling much better, energized even! We will definitely be ordering some more of your juices!

– Charmaine Thomas


“If you are looking for a reset on your eating habits or to do a cleanse, I highly recommend the services of Cecilia Arosemena and her business, Dish for Dosha. Cecilia custom makes vegetable and fruit juices and soups for you based upon Auravedic practice. The food is clean, made with love and intention, and customized to you. I opted to do a 6 day cleanse with the intention to reduce inflammation in my body and lose a few pounds. I drank 7 distinctly different juices a day and a soup that she prepared and I could eat an unlimited amount of additional fruit and vegetables. Cecilia is so creative that I didn’t have a duplicate juice until the 4th day. At the end of the 6 days, I: lost 6 pounds, am more mentally alert, have high energy, and most importantly, I developed the will to continue eating mostly clean as I continue my process of losing middle-age weight and resting my system. Cecilia knows what she is doing having healed herself this year from a life-threatening illness. If you are really ready and committed to do something different with your eating habits, doing a Dish for Dosha cleanse will give you the strength and will to maintain your intentions. The most important step of course is that you are ready to change. You can determine with her how many days you want to go. Cecilia welcomes you as a friend and you will feel like you’ve known her forever. I am very grateful for her specialized service. Cecilia has a lifelong customer in me. ”
-Kathleen Dreier
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“Dish for Dosha’s juices are always fresh and delicious! I appreciate that they are never too sweet, just perfectly satisfying and I always feel better after :)”

-Ashley Leal, Yoga instructor


“Anti-Inflama-Tized! – I still have a little ways ways to go as I transition back to my prescribed Ayurvedic diet but; Ahh, if you could SEE how I FEEL, 7 days, 6 gallons of a variety of, specific to my body – just how Yoga helped me -Ayurvedic prepared Raw Organic*, Local*, Juices and after lunch today finished 2 gallons of Hearty Healers Soup and so-long to the remnant toxicity I knowingly ingested from wonderful home cooking while visiting family (many foods sadly not good for my body and conditions) oh yeah, and a little debauchery over the summer!

**Truly the psychological aspect of shopping for foods and worry of food prep in ‘cleanse’s’ are the most difficult but having a “personal Ayurvedic Chef” THIS WAS SO MUCH EASIER and DELICIOUS from an awesome survivor & my new good friend; Cecilia Arosemena at Dish for Dosha – because It Takes A Village! ”

-James Tomacelli