Our Mission

Thank You for visiting Dish for Dosha’s website! Like any growing project, this website is in constant construction, for we are constantly updating information, for your convenience.

We hope that you find our information helpful, and helps you empower yourself in some way.

It is our mission to feed, educate and heal our community by introducing you to the fundamental principles of the science of Ayurveda; the study of life.

The quest for integrating physical health and a sense of well-being into our daily lives can be an arduous task; Dish for Dosha was specifically created to help you fulfill this ultimately-satisfying goal.

It is Dish for Dosha’s purpose to cater to those who wish to eat healthy and seek a complete mind-body connection. By utilizing ancient techniques, we help you achieve a healthy physical balance. We offer personalized dietary plans and guidelines founded on ancient holistic Ayurvedic principles for each individual mind-body (dosha) type. We are committed to making each experience meaningful, educational and life changing!

We believe that a large number of diseases can be prevented by naturally nurturing the mind-body relationship; which is key for a healthy and abundant lifestyle. We thoroughly enjoy proving that attaining this goal is not as hard as it sounds.

Dish for Dosha serves it’s clients genuinely, whole-heartedly and always joyfully.