Introduction to Dish for Dosha

Dish for Dosha specializes in Western food with an Eastern flare. Using quality local ingredients, we compose colorful symphonies of fusion cuisine, which restore the natural balance of your Doshic mind -body type.

Dish for Dosha is a Tucson catering service that offers anything from Out of the Ordinary Special Event Banquets to local, raw, organic fresh fruit & vegetable juices, made & delivered locally every week day.

The juice blends are custom made to match your specific mind/body constitution, or Dosha. Our fresh juices are made every sunrise!

Dish For Dosha also caters office lunch meetings, private parties, and special retreats. Our catering menu changes according to the seasonal ingredients available from local farmers. We specialize in Western cooking, with an Eastern flare. most of the dishes we prepare are Vegetarian friendly, gluten free and dairy free.

Personal Chef services are also available, making it fun and easy to eat well, all week long. just open your fridge, and there is dinner. Or if you have a dinner party to attend, and are not sure what to take, just give us a call, and we will prepare a perfect cheese tray paired with a bottle of wine for you, and your friends to enjoy. Remember, we can accommodate most dietary restrictions, so feel free to delight your palette, safely.