How do Dish for Dosha programs work?

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Which program is right for you?

Choosing the right program for your type of mind/body type, your Dosha, is the cornerstone of your cleanse.

Once we determine together what kind of Dosha you are  (Vata, Pitta, Kapha), then  we can make a recommendation regarding length of time that you should be on one of our custom made programs.

Our Cleansing and Rejuvenating programs can be anywhere from 3 days, to 30 days.  We will come to a decision together, but it usually mostly depends on what your goals are, what your intentions are, what your daily lifestyle is like, and what you are willing to commit to.  We want you to feel empowered and successful at the end of your cleanse, not defeated and deprived; so we work hard at matching the right formula for your inevitable success. Call your Personal Ayurvedic Chef at 520-309-9055 to have your free initial telephone consultation, and set up the program that suits you best.

A free initial consultationUntitled-1

Where we match your goals and intentions to one of our programs that suits you best, and then customize it to match your body type, or Dosha. We determine length of program, amount of juices needed to reach our goal, and travel logistics.

A second detailed consultation

Where we determine your Dosha, your personal goals and talk about whats been on your mind lately. At Dish for Dosha, we dont just worry about your physical body, we also want to make sure that we take a moment to acknowledge what your mind is doing, for we believe that all manifested disease in the body, has stemmed at one point or another, from the thoughts you live, and act out everyday. Basically, we look at the whole tree trunk and its roots, not just the symptomatic dry leaves the tree produces.

The juices are fresh made every morning with each sunrise, infusing the locally sourced fresh ingredients with light, life, and purpose of being. we treat each ingredient with enormous amount of respect, for we understand that as Hippocrates taught us, food is medicine.

Delivery Service for Tucson, AZ

For your ultimate convenience – Dish for Dosha delivers your daily order of juices to your office, during your work week. the intention is to not add any extra stress to your already hectic work day. Just let us do the shuttling around for you, and avoid another “to do thing” on your list. Deliveries arrive at your work place anywhere between 8 am and 1 pm. Unfortunately, because our highest mission is to serve juices that are the freshest as possible so that we cab ensure the lively-hood of the delicate, precious nutrients, we are not shipping nation wide yet. For Tucson residents, there is a fuel surcharge flat fee of $15.00 per delivery in the main Tucson area between the blocks of I-10 and Kolb, and Grant and Golf Links. Any additional mile outside of the main Tucson blocks, will be billed at $.75 additional per mile.

Ultimate Detoxification tools for your juice cleanse. 

Sometimes, when the body hasn’t been cleaned out in a while, it can experience something called “The Healing Crisis”. Don’t worry, its not as bad as it sounds; as a matter of fact, its a good detox sign that the body is responding adequately to a detox treatment. If this occurs in your body, it is usually around the second or third day of your cleanse, because by now, the nutrients have penetrated your tissues and organs, allowing the body to go into “spring cleaning mode”. The wise machine begins to release long trapped toxins into the blood stream, awaiting proper elimination. Common symptoms include fatigue, dull headache, a little bit of nausea, and overall weakness. At Dish for Dosha, we are equipped to make this process easier for you. Feel free to ask your personal chef about adding more services that help you detox as purely and painless as possible. For example, we can teach you about doing coffee enemas for yourself, and the benefits it yields. We can also make you Tea infusions, or our famous “Hearty Healer’s Soup” for adding fiber to your system, and packing on the digestive qualities of cooked foods.

Friendship for life.

Once we embark in such a personalized involved process, we cant help itbut to become confidants, and genuine friends. we value our relationships above all, and the design of Dish for Dosha’s programs give us all the opportunity to nurture new friendships, and tend to our own internal garden, so that we may sow the benefits of bountiful fruition, season after season. This is the heart and soul of Dish for Dosha and our guiding principles. Chef Cecilia Arosemena, the founder of Dish for Dosha, instills a culture of care to her helpers that sums it up:

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“Without a genuine interest, we cant connect. If we can not connect, we can not modify, and if we cant modify, we can’t help;  Why would anyone want to go through this life with out being able to help a mother, a brother or a sister?  Care. Connect. Collaborate.”   -Chef Cecilia Arosemena
At Dish for Dosha we invite the inspiration and wisdom of the ancient Eastern healing tradition of Ayurveda, the Science of Life.  We use the guidance of this 5,000 year old medical system to identify some of your specific body’s needs through the Doshas. The purpose is a holistic approach to a natural healing process. Once we are clear as to what is out-of-balance in your mind & body, then we go to work!Dish for Dosha is a unique boutique-like service that caters to your needs specifically and comes built in with your own Personal Ayurvedic Chef that checks in on you everyday of your cleansing process.Welcome to the intersection of your life where East meets West… sometimes in your very own kitchen, or delivered – for the soul purpose of nurturing your specific body type (known as your Dosha).  What your body may have been missing and desperately needs in order to come back into its natural state of balance is a healthy lifestyle.  And that is what we are after, but before you get that, you probably want a healthy body to go along with your new healthy life.Dish for Dosha was created to help you learn about a pathway you can explore, where you can naturally empower yourself to tap into the natural healing systems handled by  Doctor within each human body.  Its time to  get back in touch with your body, and remember what it is like to listen to it, and care for it as it deserves.  Consider Dish for Dosha to be your personal  Ayurveda translator, and a guide to a balanced, healthy life  ; )