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Calabacitas Mexicanas in the making  for the Shamans retreat
Calabacitas Mexicanas in the making for the Shamans retreat

Dish for Dosha’s founder, Cecilia Arosemena, is very persistent and devoted to put into action the principles she has learned along her journey, and believes in with conviction.  The Chef holds a clear vision and hope for her guests so that people can optimize their general health by eating consciously. The powerful enthusiasm that propels Dish for Dosha is the certainty of leading and empowering to engage in a lifestyle that rewards self-nurturing with measurable essential benefits. Heart, passion, dedication and vision, are the very pillars that hold up Dish for Dosha’s platters served on your table.

Cecilia modestly responds when asked about her background, experience and unique skills:

“Our job is to teach people about self empowerment through live food, that helps the body release the Doctor within.  We want  you to come away from our events with the knowing that you CAN do something to keep yourself vibrant, and healthy, and that the process is much more enjoyable than you may have thought. The best part of the job,  is  meeting and making new friends. I get a kick of making profound memories together, as we support each other on a very personal level thoughout my client’s process.  But my most favorite part, is when my clients and I become so close, that then they allow me to lavish them with  lots of hugs and kisses each day more and more when we are together.  I can’t help it, I am Latin.”

Dish for Dosha has been so far fortunate enough to be able to serve people who inspire our mission, such as Deepak Chopra, Dr. David Berceli, Dr. Andrew Wild, Director DavidJi, and community groups such as The YWCA, HAPPY Org., Batucaxe, ASID, the Interior Designers National Association, among other private associations.


At Dish for Dosha, we have such  big dreams, that there is room for a whole community to join in.

We know that we are stronger together, than apart. We know that at the end of the day, we are all one; and believe that if you are well, I am well . Therefore, at Dish for Dosha, we are all about uniting and connecting people with health, dreams and opportunities.

We support our local farmers  by sharing the food that they have grown for our community. We are members of our Tucson Co-op, and  we also support organizations such as the community food bank, and Market on the Move, and an array of different independent farmers around Arizona.

We also support our local trade schools, and allow students to do internships with us. They can do anything from prepping food, to filming cooking classes ,to photographing events, to managing daily office work, or even making deliveries.

We will proudly support our employees, by setting them up with a “dream manager” in hopes that they can have the time and the counseling they need to structure their own big dreams, and achieve them.

We support our school  kids, by offering raw, local fresh fruit smoothies at different school events. Whole nutrition hidden in a naturally sweet, frosty drink, that they love. We are supported by all those little sparkles in the children’s eyes, that glimmer when they find out that what they just loved, is actually good for them, and that they can have some more.

By all these synergistic connections, we are infinitely supported, and grateful.


  • Trained at the Art institute of Tucson and graduated with a culinary arts degree ,  2010- 2013.
  • Certified in Chinese cooking at the Shanghai Institute of Tourism, 2012
  • Certified by the University of Arizona Eller College of Management, 2012
  • Ceritfied in Arizona State Basic Laws of the Food and Beverage Industry, 2012
  • Trained in the science of  Ayurveda by Marsha Perry and by the Chopra Center For Well- being in “Perfect Health” program, 2011
  • Certified Servsafe Food Handler, 2010
  • 10 plus years experience front of the house in a world renowned restaurant
  • 6 years experience in retail management and sales.


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